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Proposal help

Hey fellas, going to propose to my girlfriend this year and im fuckin stumped for ideas, apart from putting the ring on my tiny cock and getting that to pop up to surprise her, have you got any funny ideas for it? just signed up and loving it all, keep up the great work!

Other content on the rss feed?

Can you guys upload the posts you make on patreon on the rss feed (like full version of dear flabbies) or on supercast if there's an option

Wiping your ass while sitting down or standing?

Hi, do you guys wipe your ass while sitting or standing up?

you guys are fat

you guys are fat

J Church

Hey anthony im getting a groovy buzz on with budweiser and some Malibu lol im listening to the whole nostalgic for nothing album and its great. I suggest you check out Bitchslicer on YT as far as i know they got one album but its good. if this is Doug reading hi brother, relay this to the goldfish. Love you boys. -Murderous Magician